Which Taskulu plan is better for us?


Due to your use and need, you can use our plans.

You can also find out how many organizations or projects you need by reading setting up project.

The plans in Taskulu are basic, premium, business, and dedicated.


Up to thirty days after register, you can use  all the facilities in taskulu




after one  month of using trial version your plan will turn to basic plan.

This plan is suitable for small teams and emerging businesses with a maximum of 10 users.

You can have organization and project.

Manage your work:

Setting up tasks, assigning tasks to others, setting deadlines for your task, color tags and labels for your task, and using checklists to do your task and review the process of your work.

Create conversations and discuss the issues of the project with members of that discussion, exchange and storm.

In this plan, you can upload up to 10 MB of each file.

You can use the default admin and viewer access levels.


Premium Plan


In addition to the basic plan features, you can:

Use accessibility features and define the scope of their responsibilities and tasks based on the roles that your people have in the real environment.

Use Task Weight option.

Copy Lists in the poject

Set Task Progress.

Set Start Time.

Get weekly reports from your workflow.

And use high priority support.

In addition, in this plan you can upload up to 500 MB of each file.

This plan is for companies that have two projects in maximum.

in this plan you can't upgrade one of organization's projects.

This is a plan to upgrade personal project, and if you have more than one project, you should upgrade each one separately to the project.


Business Plan


It's suitable for companies that have more than 2 projects.

You have an organization in your business plan instead of having one or two upgraded projects, which you can have more than two upgraded projects in it, actually unlimited number of projects.

Upload up to 1GB for each file.

In this plan, you can have a better organization set up.

In addition to the features mentioned in the plan, this plan allows you to use the analytics.

The analytics gives you a lot of analytical reports, linked to Tasulu's management and tasks, and the use of activity information.