Two step authentication


.In this section, you can increase the security of your account by activating two step authentication

.To do this go to your profile and click on Security tab

 .Two step authentication has two ways, first approve logins with google authenticator and second approve with cell phone and sms



Authentication with google authenticator

.For this section you have to install google authenticator on your phone

.You can download it from Appstore for ios and Play store for Android

.For activation go to your prfile and in the security tab click on Approve logins with google authenticator, You will see a QR code 



Then log in to the Google Authenticator app, click on the Begin Setup. Select the Scan Barcode option and scan the barcode created in Taskulu and enter the code in the Authenticator code field














































Authentication by Cell phone


.To activate this you have to ente your phone number in taskulu 


Change your phone number

.To activate this go to your profile and in the security tab check the Approve with cell phone

.If you do not have access to your phone you can use the recovery codes , for this you have to write them down


.Recovery codes are disposable