Task Management

Sharing a Task


Taskulu has a sharing option for tasks. its for sharing a task with someone out of the project.

You can open a task and share it from "More Options" as you can see below:



If you write the email, link of the task will be sent directly to that email address.

otherwise you can save the link by clicking on it and send it by the way you like.

Copying Tasks


Sometimes you need to have similar tasks with similar checklists or members, for example tasks that repeat every week.

In Taskulu, you can copy tasks to lists and sections of a project.

You should do this manually.


Copying Task between projects is not yet possible.


For copying tasks, open task, find "More Settings" and then click on "Copy to" button.


Archive and Recycle Tasks


Over time and doing tasks, the number of tasks you done will increase.

You can archive the  tasks that does not need to be in tasks page right now.

Task archiving does not change any information in the task and by archiving a task of a list with that name will be in the archive lists.

Archicving Tasks


For archiving a task. open it and select "Archive" from the menu.


Adding Deadline to Task


You can add deadlines for your tasks in Taskulu.

After setting the deadline, Taskulu will send you email notifications a week, a day an an hour before the time you've added.


If you set a dealine less than an hour you wont recieve ant notifications


Emails only sent for the tasks you are assigned to.


Moving Tasks


In Taskulu, you can easily move tasks between different lists and sheets of the same project. 

In case you need task moving for your workflow or any other reason.


Moving Tasks between Sheets and Lists

Moving a task will be shown for everyone.

There are two ways for moving tasks between sheets and lists.

The first way is to do this from the task modal