Organization and Project

Starred Projects


There are some projects that are more important to you than others.
You can star them, then a new section will be added to your Home Page with the title "Starred Projects". Notice that starring projects changes the interface for you only.

Of course, the starred project is still in its place.
To apply this feature, click on the star sign, above the project.





Editing Sections


By default, Taskulu has three sections:  To doDoing and Done , but you could edit these titles in different projects

You could also add one more section if you needed.


If you edit sections in a project , the changes apply to all of the sheets and lists of that project


Copying Lists


Sometimes you need to copy the lists you created in your project. These lists can be your daily or weekly tasks, which need to be repeated. You can make a copy of the tasklists, along with all the information you have on them.


Copying the list between different projects is not yet possible.


To copy a list, hover the mouse cursor over that list, and then click the gear icon on top, then select "Copy".

Archive and Recycle Lists


After getting tasks done, you need to archive some lists.

You can recyclearchived lists whenever you need to.

To archive a list, click the gear icon in the top bar of the list and select "Archive".
You should have access to manage the sheet or list to be ablee to archive them.




Sheet and List Setting




You can open sheet settings by clicking on the gear icon.

The gear icon may not be visible if you have too many sheets in you projects,. When that happens, you should just click on the arrow icon to see the settings.


In this part you can create new sheets, and also rename, rearrange and delete sheets.