Import projects from Trello


Before you start importing your boards from Trello, we highly recommend that you ask your team members to join Taskulu and connect their Taskulu account with Trello from the profile page.
For importing your Trello boards as Taskulu projects, go to "Home" page in Taskulu, click on + icon and select "connect Trello."



Then, allow Taskulu to use your Trello account. This will give us read-only access to your account.
You can see that after allowing, the "Connect Trello" button has changed to "Import from Trello".



At this point, you have to log into your Trello account and export the board you want to have on Taskulu in JSON format. 
To do that, open one of your boards on Trello and Find and click on "Share, Print, and Export..." in the sidebar Menu. Click on "Export JSON" in the opened popup and save the JSON file on your computer. You can see how it's done in the video below.



Now, go back to Taskulu, click on create project, click on "Import from Trello" and select the exported JSON file you just got from Trello, Then wait a few moments for Taskulu to do all the magic!



The import process handles the following data:


  • Board Description: Trello board description is imported as Project description
  • Board Members: Taskulu tries to find your board members based on their Trello ID. This only works if they have connected their Trello account to their Taskulu account as described above. If we find your members on Taskulu, they get added to the imported project automatically.
  • Lists: Every list gets imported to your new project.
  • Tasks: Every task gets imported into your new project.
  • Attachments: All attachments get imported into your new project.
  • Deadlines: Task deadlines get imported into your new project.
  • Checklists: All your Trello checklists get imported as Taskulu checklists.
  • Task Status: By default all tasks are imported into the "To do" section of your lists. If a task as a checklist with some items checked, it goes into the "Doing" section, and if all checklist items of the task are checked, it goes into the "Done" section.
  • Task Members: Any Trello task member who also has a Taskulu account becomes a member of the imported task.
  • Task Comments: All task comments written by members we find on Taskulu and add to your imported projects get imported. If we can't find a match for the comment author on Taskulu, the comment does NOT get imported.