Getting Started

Create a New Project



Project is the second biggest category of Taskulu right after organizaion.
In projects, you create tasks in lists and sheets and organize whatever that’s needed to be done.
To create a new project, go to "My Projects" page, and click on + icon.
Type in the title of your project and click on create.


Create an Organization in Taskulu


You can create organizations in Taskulu and set each one of your projects to those organizations.
When you have created an organization you can use Taskulu Analytics.

Organizations are a set of Taskulu projects in which you can add members. When you're upgrading an organization to business plan, all the projects in that organization get upgraded, which means lower price for more value proposed to you.

To create an organization, go to "Home" page and find "Add Organization" at the bottom of the page and click on it. 

Introduction to Taskulu


Nowadays managing work is very complicated. There is a need for a professional planner for each company. But now it's time for IT to come to the rescue. Taskulu is a collaborative project management software that helps you do your works in a simple and organized manner.