Text Editor


In the description and comments section of each task, you can use the Text Editor and style your texts.

Click on the Description and Comments section to display this editor.

Hover over each option to see what each section of the editor does.




Why my page doesn't load completely?


Somtimes when you open a task or a project or any other page in Taskulu, You may not see the whole page completely:

The reason might be one these three:

  • Your internet speed
  • Delay in your internal servers(Enterprise plan)
  • Your browser's "cache"

To solve the browser's problem press (Ctrl + R) for refresh and (Ctrl + Shift + R) for clearing the cache

If you are using Mac OS use Command instead of Ctrl


I Don't get Desktop Notifications


You may not notice the activation of desktop notifications at your first entry into Taskulu, or turned off desktop notifications in the settings that you've applied to your computer.

In your first login, Taskulu will ask you if you like to get desktop notifications or not.

There is a later option and if you select it, Taskulu will ask you again in 3 hours, if you select yes it will send you, but if you select no but you want to get desktop notifications you have to activate it manually.