Create a Task


Everyone has many tasks in their workplace.

Various fields like film production and animation, game building, and many other areas, as well as large organizations, can make things easier with Taskulu.

The tasks are usually arranged so that they do not be very short or very long. If we try to give you an example, we can point to update software, purchase, follow up for marketing, probable problems, etc.You can write down descriptions, assign task to people, upload file in it, comment, set a deadline, create checklists and ...

After creating lists and sheets its time for creating tasks. if you want to know about lists and sheets click on About Taskulu.

Click on the + button in each list, write the title of task press enter or click on the + and create it.

Here is a gif that help you create the tasks easily.



If you want it more easy just go on a list and press "N" button to create a task.


You have to be the manager of a list or sheet to create a task

see Teams ans Access


When a task is open you can see the date and the creator on the second line

Also You Can:

Add Description: In this part You can add some necessary info like why this task is created or what is it's purpose.

Or press the "E" button for shortcut.

You can change the style of your note by using Markdowns.

Add Files: Upload files that is need to be in the task.


You have to be manager of a list to upload file from here directly, otherwise you have to upload it from comments.


Comments: This part is for exchanging info, progress level and any useful details.

You can upload files here, Mention users, Mention tasks and use emoji.

Also the "C" button is a shortcut for comments.