Conversation Rooms


With Taskulu chatrooms, you never need to use other messaging services. You could have a chat with your team about your project , inside the project itself . That helps you to have everything in one place and collaborate easier with your team. 

You could upload files, mention tasks or mention your team members in chatrooms.




In every project there's a default chatroom called Project Conversation . Every project member's being  automatically added to this room. 


Besides Project Conversation room, every project member can create new chatrooms and add other team members to them. 



If you've created the room yourself, you could see a gear icon on top of the chatroom. Click on it if you ever needed to delete the room, remove a member or change the name of the room.  

In the default chatroom of the project (Project Conversation room), the owner of the project can delete the room or rename it, but it's not possible to delete members from this room.



Editing and deleting messages

Message owner is the only person who can edit the message.
Message owner can delete the message if it's posted less than 10 minutes before.
Chat and project owners can delete messages regardless of their creation time.


Create Tasks from Messages


In Taskulu chatrooms you could easily turn a message into a new task. By clicking on the create task above the message.


Pinned Conversations


You could pin important conversations so you'll be able to find them easier. By switching Pinned Conversations on , you only see your pinned conversations.


Chat Box

We will show you how things works in the box:



If there be any unreaden chats in rooms, you will see the number of them in front of it's name.

Attachments: upload files in conversations. Then you can see all the files in the right side.

Mention User: Call Someone you want to announce. If someone mention you you will see a "@" sign in front of chatroom's name.

Menton Task: Mention tasks that is need to be announced (just the tasks you can see)

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