Configuring Teams and Access


Everyone involved in a real world project has at least one role and can see/do different things based on these role(s), and that's exactly how things work in Taskulu projects!


You can define as many teams in your projects as you need. Each team has a title and you can add member(s) as you need.

On Taskulu two default teams created for each project:

  • Admin: Project members with the admin role can do anything except closing the project and enabling file sharing integrations (such as Dropbox and Googl Drive).
  • Viewer: Project members can view anything (and write comments on tasks), but they can't create new sheets, lists or tasks.
These two special teams can not be edited.
If you're using Basic plan of Taskulu, you can only choose between Admin and Viewer teams.
If you assign a task to a Viewer, they can also change the task section (To do, Doing, Done)
Create New Team

To define a new Team, click on "Settings" and select "Teams and Access"



Then you should click on "+" and write down the name of the team you wish to add. For example, we are adding "iOS Developer" team.



Now you can add your project members to this new team, and define permissions and access for this new team.


To add or remove members of the project to your team, select the team first, and then click on  "Edit members"  From the list of project members, select the person's name.

Do not forget to "save" when you're done editing.



Access Control


Nobody can hurt me without my permission.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

You can determine the access level of each team in three ways:

Manage the sheet, manage the list and view the list

View list: The access that this team provides is limited to viewing tasks and writing a comment in the lists, but can not make any changes to the details of those tasks.
Manage list: This makes it possible for members of the team to create a list of tasks that are in that list and to delete them or change their information but can not delete the list.
Manage sheet: This section gives you access to members who can create or delete lists on the sheet, in fact, this permission allows any activity on that page to be made to members of that team.


Yep, That's how things work in Taskulu! Nobody can hurt you without your Access!

Access Control in Taskulu are generated dynamically based on the project sheets and task lists, so that for each sheet and task list you will see a new access added to "Teams and Access" management interface. This gives you a lot of flexibility in defining which resources are available to each person involved with your project.

First of all, you should know that access control is hierarchical, so for example, anyone who has access to manage a sheet, can see task and task list inside that sheet and add new tasks and tasks lists to that sheet. But be not afraid! Handling the access hierarchy is very easy in Taskulu.

As you can see, as soon as you enable access for a role, it automatically hides all the things that are no longer relevant.



Sometimes you need to limit people to see just their own tasks, for this don't add them to any team and assign tasks to them.