To find out what the team or project is doing, or a simple view of what's happening, you can use the functionality of the activities; it's a monitoring tool, and depending on your access level, This monitoring is limited.



This part involves:


All that you have access to see in a project (including the sheets and lists you see in the project)

Activities, in addition to what you yourself do, include the work of the people who have access to your lists.

For example, the person who has access to a list same as you can upload a script or file and do some things like that.

Also you can search by members or lists (those you have access)



Activities of a Task:


In this section you can see every activity that happened on a task from the begining.

It involves task creator, change of sections, uploaded files and...

To see these details click on the task and then as you see in the picture below click on the activity sign.



Then you will see this: